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What happens to my pension when I die?

Make sure your loved ones are looked after when you’re no longer around.

Your pension and employer-provided life assurance could well be among your most valuable assets, whether it’s a pot of savings or entitlements built up over years of work.

But unlike other assets you might hold - like a property or other savings - pension assets are subject to their own rules when it comes to passing them on in the event of death, and the rules are different depending on the type of pension in question.  You should note, tax rules may change in the future and any tax treatment depends on individual circumstances .  

In most cases the benefit is payable at the discretion of the Trustees and does not form part of your estate or your Will.

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Complete your nomination form

You can complete or review your nomination form here or else by logging into and navigating to ‘death benefits’ from the top menu bar. 

Members of the BNP Paribas Pension Plan should also use this form to nominate the beneficiaries of their pension savings in the event of their death.

Remember to add notes to explain the reasons behind your choices and review your nominations regularly.